Better Sex… Your Chiropractor Can Help

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Chiropractic for your Sex Life

Most patients visit their chiropractor for back pain and headaches, but there may be an added benefit from your chiropractic adjustments – a better sex life!

“Not tonight honey, I have a headache”

Research shows that spinal manipulation, the primary form of chiropractic treatment, is an effective form of treatment for tension headaches and headaches originating from the neck. In fact, chiropractic treatment for headaches has been shown to offer longer lasting relief and without the side effects of commonly prescribed medication.

The Olympics of Sexual Positions

When we are young, we take our ease of movement for granted, but as we get older the wear and tear on our bodies takes it’s toll. Even simple tasks, like tying your shoes or picking something up from the floor, can be challenging. Chiropractic adjustments increase your range of motion. In addition, the increased flexibility you get from spinal adjustments also improves balance and coordination. This added flexibility and balance can open up a whole new world of sexual positions.

I’m Not in the Mood

Chiropractors correct subluxations (misalignments of your spine). These subluxations can negatively affect the flow of your nervous system. Your nervous system controls every function of your body. One of these functions is your libido. Libido and fertility are controlled by a delicate balance of hormones. Specific chiropractic adjustments (to the upper cervical spine) can have a profound affect on these hormones, and in return can increase libido. Also, the flow of the nervous system is a two-way street and improved signals to the brain can heighten the sense of pleasure.

My Aching Back

One of the top reasons for a visit to your chiropractor is low back pain. The effectiveness and results of chiropractic care for low back pain are well documented. The lumbar region also happens to be a hub for the nerves that stimulate our sexual organs. While your chiropractor is helping to relieve your back pain, the removal of subluxations in the low back area can also improve nerve flow and circulation to your sexual organs.

No Pain, All Gain

Pain can hinder every aspect of our lives and our sex life is no different. Imagine the things you can do if you didn’t have to deal with those aches and pains. A healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, plenty of rest, exercise and chiropractic care can improve your life and your partners life too!

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