Chiropractic and Golf – A Championship Team

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chiropractic and golf


If you watched the 2015 Masters Tournament (one of the four major championships in professional golf), you witnessed a young phenom named Jordan Spieth win with a record-tying performance.

Jordan has been playing golf since a young age, in fact he won the Junior Amateur before the age of 18. What many don’t know is that Jordan began visiting a chiropractor at age 14. Jordan credits his chiropractor and chiropractic care with contributing to his Masters win and his golf career, in general.

It takes a lot of dedication and training to be a professional athlete and golf is no different. Athletes must put in a tremendous amount of work, including practice and physical training. Jordan relied on his chiropractic treatments to prevent injuries and fine-tune his body, for top level athletic performance.

Golf and back pain tend to go hand in hand. Statistics show that 4 out of five golfers will experience back pain. The repetitive swinging, bent over position and lifting and carrying can play havoc on a golfer’s body. Chiropractic care helps maintain proper alignment of the spine and pelvis, increasing range of motion and flexibility.

Back pain is the most frequent complaint in the sport of golf and chiropractors have the knowledge and tools to relieve this pain without drugs and surgery. Regular chiropractic care may not transform you into the next Masters champ, but it can improve your game and quality of life!

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