Is Your Phone Hurting Your Health? “Text Neck” and Chiropractic Care

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As a chiropractor, I have always been concerned with patient’s posture. Studies have shown that people with bad posture tend to have poorer health. There are many factors when it comes to bad posture, but the latest cause may be the cell phone you are constantly staring at.

According to a Baylor University study, the average female college student averages 10 hours on their phone and the average male student nearly 8 hours. This is incredible! You may not spend as much time reading text messages, as these college students do, but the average American spends 2-4 hours per day texting, reading emails, or looking at social media sites.

This trend is having a profound impact on our posture, so much so that the term “text neck” has been coined.

Why is our phone hurting our neck?

The human head weighs 10-12 pounds. Imagine holding a 10 pound bowling ball close to your body. It feels about 10 pounds. Now, imagine holding that same bowling ball with your arms completely outstretched. It feels a lot heavier, doesn’t it? This is due to some fancy physics like gravitational pull, center of gravity, and the effect of a lever.

So, bending your head forward 60 degrees to read a text or check out a selfie, gives it an effective weight of 60 pounds! That’s 60 pounds of pressure on your poor neck. This constant pressure and poor posture can lead to early degeneration of the spine and discs.

Headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and more have all been linked to loss of cervical (neck) curve and improper posture.  Chiropractic care helps restore proper spinal alignment and improve posture.

Method Health Center offers a Digital Postural Analysis and report to our patients. Contact us today to learn more about this service and begin to take steps to improve your posture and health.

Your Phone is Breaking Your Neck