Want to get healthier? Better get your partner involved

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Healthy Partner

Are you trying to lose weight, quit smoking or start an exercise program? Research has found that your partner or spouse can have a profound effect on your health.
3,700 couples that were married or living together were analyzed over a ten year period and the results were clear – getting your partner involved in similar activities will strongly increase your odds of success.
Some of the study results:
– Two-thirds of sedentary people got moving when their partner started exercising with, or before them. Only one-quarter were able to motivate themselves to do it on their own.
– Half of all the smokers studied were successful in quitting after their spouse quit. In contrast, only eight percent could quit, when the spouse continued to quit.
– A quarter of the men studied were able to lose weight after their wife slimmed down, while just 10 percent did so on their own. Women were even more motivated by their husband’s weight loss. More than 33 percent lost weight with their partner!
This study really shows that it helps to have a teammate, when undertaking a major lifestyle change. Your partner can motivate you on days you feel like giving up and you can do the same on their times of weakness.
We encourage our patients to get their spouse, or partner involved in their healthcare and wellness. Invite your partner to your next chiropractic treatment, exercise or weight loss session. Once they get involved, you will find your health improving even faster!
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