Shingles… An Alternative Approach

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Chiropractic and Alternative Health

With as many as one million new cases of shingles diagnosed every year, it seems pertinent to discuss more natural and holistic treatments to the virus that causes shingles and chicken pox known as the herpes zoster virus. If you have ever had chicken pox, it is quite possible that you may develop shingles, as the virus lies dormant in the nerve roots of the spine just waiting for the “right” time to rear its ugly head. If you are under any sort of stress, whether its physical, emotional, environmental, or any combination there-of , the immune system is weakened, cultivating the perfect environment for the shingles virus to appear. It may develop as blisters that appear on the skin with a deep ache throughout one side of the body, an extreme skin sensitivity, itchiness, burning, and tingling, and often flu like symptoms. After the initial outbreak of shingles, you may experience post herpetic neuralgia which affects the nerve fibers and skin and occur after the blisters have disappeared.

There are ways to reduce the possibility of this happening to you, such as eating foods rich in the amino acid lysine like avocados, pears and apples as well as taking a lysine supplement and avoiding foods with the amino acid arganine such as nuts, chocolate, and tomatoes. Also, bee propolis has been used for thousands of years to treat many different conditions. This resin-like substance is what bees produce to build their hive. It has anti-viral, and anti-microbial properties which help fight against viruses such as the various forms of the herpes virus.

Red marine algae, has been widely used for thousands of years, especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for its great supply of trace minerals found in the ocean, vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and fiber. Studies have suggested that red marine algae may inactivate viruses largely due to it containing structural sulfated polysaccharides which interfere with the early stages of viral replication. Since viruses need a host in order to replicate, the benefit of red marine algae is in its compounds, preventing the virus from attaching to a host cell.

A very helpful modality to keep shingles from presenting, is to get regular chiropractic adjustments. Since the shingles virus dwells in the spinal column, it is helpful to keep the spine, thus the nerves in alignment and functioning properly. There will be less stress on the nerve and a properly functioning nervous system. If you have already developed shingles, receiving a chiropractic adjustment can speed the recovery process.

And always remember, learn how to deal with the stress of your life in a healthy way, because if you can’t get it under control, it will most likely control you, and we all have too much we want to accomplish in life to have our stressors dictate how we function in this world.

Tonya Wall
Whole Health Educator